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"Councillors have a responsibility to uphold the basic Human Rights of the people they represent to choose what medication they and their family wish to take, and not have it enforced through their water supply."
(Councillor Adrian Underwood, South Ribble District Council,
First Chairman of North West Councils Against Fluoridation, !989)

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Fluorideís dirty little secret:
And what you can do, right now, to help end water fluoridation

Drinking mineral water could prevent your kids from developing dementia when they get old - and fluoridation is utterly incompatible with this new discovery! There's a new kid on the block, and he's putting the power to carry out medical research into the hands of the people.
This is not just something to watch, but to get involved in -

Doug Cross FRSB
UK Councils Against Fluoridation
26 July 2015

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Pledges of donations - many small, some more substantial - are now starting to roll in. People are starting to notice and respond - but time is getting short.

Total so far pledged - £24,087 (25th August)

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There's a new kid on the block, one who is going to force the public sector to start taking notice of what we, the people, want from our medical services.

I've already mentioned the work that Prof. Chris Exley has been doing on aluminium poisoning, and how it ties in with both the excesses of compulsory water fluoridation and the poisoning of my own community in Cornwall, almost 30 years ago.

And I've warned you that aluminium in our food and water is implicated in the rising tide of dementia, and that fluoride could simply be making it worse.

Now he's challenging the medical establishment, right in the heart of its corrupt soul. He is inviting us all to get involved in a crucial experiment that could solve the dementia problem once and for all.

He's found that aluminium in our bodies can be removed, easily, painlessly - and cheaply - by simply drinking couple of glasses of silica-rich mineral a day - water that you can buy off the shelves at your local Supermarket! Now he wants to run a People's Clinical Trial, to find out if his discovery can lead to a way to eliminating what is almost certainly the most important stimulus in the onset of dementia.

Of course, nobody in either government or industry will fund such an apparently ridiculuously idea - but he's already shown that it does work, with real Al;zheimer's patients. So that's where we all come in now - how much would you pay to help to find a way to ensure that your own kids won't have to face that awful condition of dementia when they are old?

And since fluoridation is utterly incompatible with this vital discovery, all of us who oppose fluoridation now have an additional cause for rejecting this disreputable 'public health' practice.

If Chris' study gets the funding he needs, it will set a precedent for a revolutionary 'people-centred' approach to medical research that could spread far more widely than this. The possibilities are endless, and have the medical sector thoroughly alarmed!

So if you've been looking for the ultimate argument against fluoridation, take note now - and get involved! This could bring the whole Fluoridation House of Cards tumbling around the ears of the dental charlatans who have assaulted us with their fake 'medicine' all these years!

So read on - this is more important than you could possibly imagine!

The Bigger Picture

I can guarantee that, by now, virtually everyone reading this knows someone who has, or who died with, dementia. Itís a relatively new Ďdiseaseí, affecting many millions in both high and low income countries.

We donít know what causes it, thereís no cure, and the few drugs that appear to slow it down, temporarily, are hugely expensive. And itís not just Ďan old peopleís diseaseí - increasing numbers of middle aged people, in their 40s and 50s, are getting struck down.

The human and economic consequences are mind-boggling. In the UK alone, dementia care costs us a staggering £2 billion a month - and we have only about 1% of the total global patients. At the moment one person in three aged over 65 will die with it. For a couple hoping to live together into old age, their chance that neither will develop it is less than evens. And in around one out of ten couples, both are likely to get it before they die. And those risks are increasing every year.

Prevention or cure?

So what are the medical establishment and Big Pharma doing about it? Well, mainly trying to find drugs to treat those who have the condition. Thereís some talk about prevention, but itís not really up to much. Their experts talk about genetic predisposition and aging populations, but thatís all a distraction.

The bottom line is that only increasing exposure to new forms of environmental contamination can offer an adequate explanation for the explosion in dementia around the world. But that seems to be Ďoff limitsí for the big guys in research - after all, if it were possible to prevent dementia, the market for drugs that treat it would collapse.

Giving us all Ďownershipí of the research

Now one man is trying to break the straight-jacket of institutionalised clinical research. He wants to show the world that it has been chasing the wrong rabbit over the biggest medical pandemic we have ever experienced in recent times.

Heís asking us, the public, to provide the funding to carry out a ėPeople's Clinical Trial' to test whether the research results that he has got over the past 30 years really could stop dementia in its tracks.

Thereís no big money spin-off for him if it works. But he and his team will have done more for almost every family everywhere than all the Big Pharma outfits put together. And this way, thereíll be no interference from those shadowy vested interests, either. Iíve seen them in operation, and they can be utterly ruthless when their own interests are threatened.

Prof. Chris Exley, at Keele University, UK, is the leading world expert on the effects of aluminium in the human body. He believes - dammit, he KNOWS - that aluminium plays a crucial role in the onset of dementia.

And he also KNOWS how to get it out of our bodies before it reaches the apparently critical level that seems to start the catastrophic cascade of deterioration that leads inexorably to dementia.

What he now wants to find out is if this simple Ďtreatmentí might not just stop its development. but if it might even work for people in the early stages Alzheimerís Disease as well.

And incredibly, if this Ďtreatmentí works, then it's already available at your local supermarket, for a few Pence,.Cents, Yen, Renmi or whatever, a day. But it needs to be tested rigorously before the message can go out to the world.

The fluoride connection

So why am I sending this out to you all, in the Anti-fluoridation lobby? Because buried deep in amongst the science that supports this new approach to preventing dementia, fluoride plays a vicious, and so far unemphasised role.

Aluminium, in your water and food, has a hard time getting from your gut into your blood. But once itís there, itís able to move around using other existing biochemical mechanisms. Eventually, some of it travels up into your brain.

Which is very bad news indeed, as the people of Camelford in Cornwall poisoned by aluminium sulphate back in 1988 have discovered.

And if thereís fluoride in your gut - from any source - then this makes it easier for that aluminium to get through into your blood.

So if you put fluoride into drinking water that contains even traces of aluminium - and most of it does - then you will get more aluminium into your blood, and so increase your risk of dementia later on.

How you can get involved

So now Iím asking you to read my notes about Chris' appeal on the Internet Crowdfunding site, and think about what this would mean to you, personally. If youíre a parent, what would discovering a way to prevent this appalling condition mean for you and your own family?

How much would you be prepared to give to be able to help to ensure that your own children and grandchildren donít have to go through life facing the threat of dementia when they get older?

If youíre a Councillor, would your Council really be prepared to back a fraudulent claim that youíre able to stop kidsí toothache by fluoridating the water supply, accepting that this could increase the burden of dementia care that your Council has to pay for in the future?

How much is it worth to your Council to back this unique (and totally reputable) Clinical Trial. if it really could show that it might be possible to stop, or even reverse, the rising tide of dementia amongst the public whom it serves?

Chris is looking for a modest half a million pounds - thatís about what it costs the world to care for dementia patients, right now, every eight seconds! In the UK alone, itís what we pay for dementia care every ten minutes!

Join this Social Revolution!

We have all spent years trying to stop the lunatic Fluoridation Fundamentalists in their mad rush to medicate the masses, but itís not really having much effect. But this is different.

Thereís plenty of evidence that fluoride promotes aluminium absorption, and we know too that aluminium is involved in dementia, and that silica can remove it from the body.

Just join up the dots!

Every Council, and almost every family, now has to pay for the social care for the increasing numbers of sufferers, and things are only going to get a worse - a LOT worse.

Funding this Peopleís Clinical Trial could lead to a massive drop in social costs and personal tragedies.

That wonít happen overnight, as many older people are already trapped on the downwards slope.

But if this Trial is successful, then eventually our children will be able to live without the insidious nagging fear of this awful end to old age. That alone is worth far more than the trivial amount needed to pay for this Trial.

Click this message to go to the Futsci page,
Scroll down to the
'Back this appeal' box (on left)
Decide how much supporting this trial
is worth to you, personally.
and fill in the details.

And just maybe, you could take this to your own Local Council, challenge them to think just that bit more carefully, next time the Fluoride Fanatics come knocking at their door with their crazy claims and foolish obsession.

If we - the people - support this Peopleís Trial, then they - our Councils - have no mandate to ignore our wishes.

This could force an end to the madness of fluoridation, so don't
just ignore it. Spread the word, dig that loose change out of
your wallets, purses, and pockets, and then persuade your

local Council to contribute - it's in all our interests,
especially those of our kids.


Lies, damned lies, and dental statistics
The latest Government Report on fluoridation is loaded with misleading statistical analysis of worthless data - and we paid for it!

1st February 2015

Am I the only scientist around who is fascinated by the astonishing statistical sleight-of-hand that the pro-fluoridation bully-boys are using to try to mystify and mislead our Councillors?

Iíve spent many happy days going through the government's latest laboriously fabricated attempt to justify its policy of water fluoridation, released by Public Health England (PHE) in March last year. And I have to say that itís truly unique - absolutely one of a kind.

Imaginative fiction

This travesty of science is the most ingeniously contrived work of imaginative fiction that I've ever come across, in over 60 years as a practising scientist. It's sole purpose is to persuade Councils and, of course, the scientifically semi-literate dental profession, that only universal water fluoridation will prevent the teeth of our infants from rotting in their gums.

And with the help of our crisis-bound National Health Service, PHE has invented evidence that, so it claims, proves it.

The 'man in the white coat' strikes again

This creative concoction
of baffling bullshit is targeted at simple folk, people who are easily impressed by white-coated Experts assuring them that dosing an entire population with a seriously poisonous chemical will cure almost all of the dental diseases known to man - or at the very least, to quite a few of their underprivileged children.


As Mr. Hitler famously reminded us a while back, if you tell a big lie, and tell it often enough, then eventually it will be believed. it's always the Big Lie that wins in the end, and this really is The Big One.

PHE's latest attempt to spread a whiff of spurious respectability on this long-discredited urbanmyth of fluoridation is getting a lot of attention. If it's not exposed now it could cause extraordinary harm to our children - harm that PHE has gone to unprecedented efforts to protect us from noticing until it's too late.

One give-away is that you can't see who actually did which parts of this document - in fact it seems to have no identifiable authors at all. And, like so many government-issued documents, it was not peer-reviewed before publication. This basic test of scientific validity would have caused it to be dumped in the bin by any self-respecting Editor of a quality Professional Journal. (Oh. I forgot - it's a government document, so of course it's not been independently verified. That would be just plain silly.)


So I took a closer look at the 'evidence' contained in this PHE Report. What I found is quite staggering, but I warn you now, itís not for the faint-hearted! There's enough pseudoscience in there to keep a team of statisticians busy for months (but of course, it already has - they wrote it!) So for the first instalment of what will be quite a series,



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