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Please read the following notes.

Local Authorities. This web site is designed to act as a meeting point and coordinating facility for Local Authorities, Professional Institutions and Unions. We represent Councils and relevant Organisations that either oppose Government plans to fluoridate water supplies within their administrative areas, or whose Members work in sectors in which this practice raises professional or employment concerns. Many Councils already have a policy against fluoridation, but have not considered their position for some time because the pressure to fluoridate has been almost abandoned for many years. However, it has now emerged as an immediate high priority Health Sector objective, and old anti-fluoride policies need to be reasserted or new ones adopted. If you are a member of a Local Authority, please phone or email us using the contacts given on this page.

Professional Institutions and Unions. We would also like to hear from Professional Institutions and Unions that have members working in the Water or Health Sectors. Many of their Members oppose fluoridation, but are concerned that their jobs would be threatened if they were to speak out against the practice.

There is now universal suppression of any dissent amongst professionals working within the Health Sector. In the water industry it also unwise for employees to object to their employers' acceptance of the practice, especially in those Companies already fluoridating their product. Many people in these Sectors are, through their own technical, scientific or medical knowledge, firmly opposed to fluoridation, but dare not make their concern

public. If you are in this large group, then this is where your help will be invaluable - ask your Institution of Union to visit us here, so that we can tell them about UKCAF, what we are doing, and how they would benefit from linking up with us.

Members of the public. We do not have the capacity deal with individuals, so if you are a member of the public wishing to make your objection count, then please get in touch with one of the local or national groups listed on the main Internet Antifluoridation sites. We are encouraging local action groups to link up with us, so that we can effectively direct members of the public to them.

If you want your local Council to join in the movement to prevent your local Health Authority from fluoridating your water, then please get in touch with either individual Councillors, or with your Council's Environmental Health or Law Department and ask them to visit our web site and consider joining in the national movement to oppose this unlawful medical imposition on the public.

If you have a legal problem. Please note that we are NOT lawyers! Our documents are for the guidance of Councils and other organisation, and must not be used as legal authorities for individual cases. If you are involved in a legal challenge to fluoridation and have a technical query about the legal issues, please first read the information on the legislation that you will find on our 'Archive/Law' pages. Then take a copy of any that you think may be relevant to your solicitor, and ask for their professional advice.


Commentaries that discuss legal issues are provided purely to indicate my own interpretation of the legislation, and to serve as a stimulus to further debate. I am not a qualified legal practitioner, and you should not regard my analyses or anything that relates to legal issues that may be discussed on this site ascosntituting legal advice. If you wish to investigate further any of the issues that I have raised, then you should contact an appropriately qualified legal specialist.

Doug Cross, UKCAF

To Councils, Professional Institutions and Unions:
Please contact us by

either clicking on this link to email us - Email us from here
or telephoning us directly on 01229 885420
(from outside UK, phone (*44) 1229 885420)

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